ace frehley origins vol 1Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley is the lead guitarist and one of the founding members of the world-renowned rock and roll band Kiss (established in 1973).  While with Kiss he wore silver, black and white makeup along with an out of this world black and silver costume, he became known as the Spaceman. Guitar World Magazine positioned Frehley as the 14th best guitarist of all time.


In its first wekk, the highly anticipated Origins Vol.1 topped the charts. Interestingly, Frehley chose12 covers that were near and dear to his heart, along with (Rock and Roll Hell) which was recorded by Kiss and written by band-mate Paul Stanley (Frehley never played guitar on the track). The album sets sail with a powerful version of the old Cream classic White Room. Up next is Street Fighting Man, although somewhat of a surprising choice for Frehley, it also hits all of the marks except for the slightly thin vocals. I was a bit disappointed by yet another version of The 1965 Troggs classic hit Wild Thing.  


All things considered, I am very impressed by this CD.  The energy behind Frehley’s playing is palatable on every track.  It is clear that the Spaceman had an enormous influence on Kiss’s early success. Here on his fifth solo album Frehley is joined by Slash, John 5, Paul Stanley, Lita Ford and Mike McCready for an inspiring rock and rolling new release.


  1. White Room (CREAM)
  2. Street Fighting Man (ROLLING STONES)
  3. Spanish Castle Magic (JIMI HENDRIX) (feat. John 5)
  4. Fire And Water (FREE) (feat. Paul Stanley)
  5. Emerald (THIN LIZZY) (feat. Slash)
  6. Bring It On Home (LED ZEPPELIN)
  7. Wild Thing (THE TROGGS) (feat. Lita Ford)
  8. Parasite (KISS) (feat. John 5)
  9. Magic Carpet Ride (STEPPENWOLF)
  10. Cold Gin (KISS) (feat. Mike McCready)
  11. Till The End Of The Day (THE KINKS)
  12. Rock And Roll Hell (KISS)