If you are at all familiar with (and who isn’t) Scooby Doo then you know it will involve hijinx and ghosts. This time out it is done with a Lego look to it.


Scooby (voiced by Frank Welker) and the gang travel to Hollywood. The purpose is to check out the famous Brickton Studio. On a tour of the studio they become aware of the fact that the once top notch studio is now in a shambles. There is even a chance it might close down and be bought up by developers. Once there they realize that it is being haunted by ghosts. These are not just any ghosts but ones of actors who were famous for working in monster movies. His ghost has succeeded in scaring away actors and crew from present day films.  With filming halted it seems like Brickton Studio’s fate is sealed. It is up to Scooby and the gang to save the day.


scooby doo haunted hollywoodAs with all Scooby Doo films (animated or live action) the story is rather simple and you know that the dog and his Mystery Inc. gang are going to sold the mystery in the last few minutes. It is a tried and true formula that has worked for decades. That coupled with decent graphics and some fun Lego shenanigans makes for a film that kids are going to watch over and over.