heroes reborn event seriesAs the television series Heroes ended a few years back the town of Odessa, Texas had been attacked by terrorists. The city was brought to its knees. Mistakenly the Evos are blamed for what happened and now most are either on the run or have gone into hiding. Heroes Reborn takes up the story starting there. Several characters will make a return with plenty of new ones being introduced. All will have stories which will eventually intersect over the course of the thirteen episodes.


The tension because of the attack between Evos and humans has escalated into an all-out war. In the aftermath of the bombing HRG (played by Jack Coleman) is dealing with a loss of memory of the events of that day and trying to figure out what happened. Suresh (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy) has taken responsibility for the bombing in the name of all Evos. With all the chaos going on it is easy for the powerful Erica Kravid (played by Rya Kihlstedt) to fool everyone into thinking the Evos are the enemies in order to set herself up as the big saviour. Despite the hatred directed towards them, Evos like Tommy (played by Robbie Kay), Luke (played by Zachery Levi), Miko (Kiki Sukezane), and Malina (played by Danika Yarosh) will end up playing a key role in saving humanity.


Whereas the original series was full of fresh ideas and on the dawn of the whole superhero/humans with extraordinary powers wave that has dominated film and television, this one seems a little fake and forced. I attribute that totally to the script which did not ring true with me. Humans hating Evos seems a little bit like a cop out to me.


Out of loyalty to the original series I struggled through watching this. It really did not hold my attention. Almost like a cheaply done knock off of X-Men. Instead of reinventing itself or keeping it simple and focusing on these evolved humans with powers they felt they had to take it up a notch which did not work.


Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Digital Copy

-“11:53 to Odessa” Deleted Scenes

-Heroes Reborn: Reliving the Legacy

-Heroes Reborn: Dark Matter

  • Chapter One: Where Are the Heroes?
  • Chapter Two: Phoebe
  • Chapter Three: Registered
  • Chapter Four: June 13th
  • Chapter Five: Renautas
  • Chapter Six: Where the Truth Lies