Wet Hot American Summer – Blu-ray Edition

Cult films are what they are. Not Oscar winners rather oeuvres that appeal to a small section of the population. Largely ignored at the box office and usually raged about by critics, but beloved by films of this underground genre of film. It is an outlandish spoof of the summer camp films that were popular in the late 70s and early 80s. Previously it could only be appreciated some late nights on television or worn DVDs. Now the film, first released in 1981, has been released for the first time on blu-ray.

It is the last day of camp at Firewood and they are all hyped up for the big talent show. Camp director Beth (Janeane Garofalo – Mystery Men, Dogma) is just trying her best to hold things together. Which is easier said than done with this rag tag group of counsellors working under her. At the same time she is falling for a local astrophysics assistant professor, Henry (David Hyde Pierce – from television’s Fraser), without much experience with the opposite sex.

wet hot american summer blu rayThe same cannot be said with her counsellors as they have sex on the brain and it is pretty much all they think of every waking moment. Coop (Michael Showalter) is secretly in love with Katie (Marguerite Moreau – Queen of the Damned, Runaway Jury) while she only has eyes for the jerk Andy (Paul Rudd – Ant-Man, This is the End) who takes any chance he can to make out with Lindsay (Elizabeth Banks – The Hunger Games, The Lego Movie). J.J. (Zak Orth – Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Other Guys) and Gary (A.D. Miles – Role Models, Wedding Daze) plot to get their friend McKinley (Michael Ian Black – This is 40, Reno 911! Miami) a woman. Little do they realize that he has been getting plenty of action though it has been with fellow counsellor Ben (Bradley Cooper – Silver Linings Playook, The Hangover). On top of all this Henry has detected part of NASA’s Skylab is hurtling towards Earth and more specifically Camp Firewood. The last day of camp is going to be one to remember.

Normal character development is not something that this film is concerned with rather the 97 minutes of the film you will get ridiculous and oftentimes hilarious line after ridiculous line. The dialogue is corny and funny. It is the type of film that each time you watch it you will find something else to laugh at. You just have to laugh or you are taking things too seriously.

Special Features:

• 10th Anniversary Event Highlights
• Wet Hot American Summer: Live at SF Sketchfest
• Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director/Co-Writer David Wain
• Cast Comments
• Behind the Scenes
• Songs With Production Stills
• Theatrical Trailer
• Feature Commentary With Director/Co-Writer David Wain, Co-Writer Michael Showalter, and Actress Janeane Garofalo
• Soundtrack With Extra Farts

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