Drake – Views

drake viewsOn his fourth full-length studio album, the guy from Toronto shows again that he knows where his strengths lie and sticks to them. He has a great ear for melodies and killer hooks. The guy either dresses up a beat or strips it down. Whatever he chooses to do makes it irresistible and guaranteed to stick in your head for weeks. In regards to the beats and music he creates they are second to none. What will irk many about Views are the lyrics. The guy is obsessed with two subjects and returns to them time and time again: his fellow rappers and how he stacks up against them and ex-girlfriends. Views and his past albums are littered with tracks about these two things. Ad nauseum. All of it reeks of nostalgia and he is a little too young in my books to keep going to that well. The mega hit “Hotline Bling” (the album closer) is a perfect example of what I am talking about. That groove is catchy but the way he talks about his former love is annoying and verging on misogynistic. Many of his observations of the opposite sex are childish at best. Never seemingly offended by his views of women, his favourite lady, Rihanna, of course, makes an appearance on the track “Too Good”.  What is fun lyrically are his many references to his hometown, the 614. Even the album cover features him sitting atop the CN Tower. The guy is obviously loyal to Toronto. Props for him for that and not turning away for the bright lights and bigger money of the big cities of the United States.

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