the land before time journey of the braveFourteen films in, The Land Before Time has become quite a film series. Like the Energizer bunny it just keeps going. Some, obviously, were better than others. Some of the more recent ones being pretty average. Thankfully, because if you are of a certain age then there is plenty of nostalgia attacked to The Land Before Time which came out in 1988, this one is more of the ilk of the earlier films of the series. It has that same feel and look to it.


Young dinosaur Littlefoot (voiced by Felix Avitia) is excited as it is the time of year that his father Bron (voiced by Scott Whyte) comes through the Great Valley he lives in with his grandparents and many other dinosaurs. The day arrives and the band of dinosaurs he leads arrives but no Bron. The zany Wild Arms (voiced by Damon Wayans Jr.) tells everyone about the fire mountain erupting and that Bron was trapped. The others were forced to continue on with the voyage.


Littlefoot cannot leave his father to the elements, so he decides to set off on the long voyage to see if he can find him. Not willing to let their friend go off on the dangerous trek alone, his friends Ruby (voiced by Meghan Strange), Petrie (voiced by Jeff Bennett), Spike (voiced by Rob Paulson), and Chomper (voiced by Isaac Brown) join him.


What elevates this film over the last few in the series are things like a good story, nice animation, no unnecessary new characters are introduced to steal time from the main characters and the songs are all fun.


Special Features:

-Sing-Along: “Look for the Light”, “Today’s the Day”, “Hot and Stinky”, “Better Off Along”