Like most series Orange is the New Black is really settling into its groove. It now is very aware of what kind of series it wants to be and how the characters should be developing. As such the series is now a little darker and violent than it started off being with characters having dimensions that were not previously there. Also Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) is no longer the focal point of the series thus allowing more room for other characters. What is completely new is the focus upon the politics of running a prison. Minds behind the series are really trying to keep things fresh.


orange is the new black season 3Two new characters are introduced in season three. One is played by Lori Petty and the other by Ruby Rose. One is a minor character, yet very interesting, while the other plays a bigger role. Piper has also adapted to her environment…very well, actually. Things like bed bugs, higher paying jobs, religion, someone going into labour, erotica, hate crime, a Mother’s Day fair, and drama class all contribute to the storylines.


What some might find disconcerting is how after high energy seasons one and two the series has settled into a more steady pace. Some might fight the slight slowing down of action and storylines a little jarring. It does take some getting used to, though that does not mean that it is boring. Fret not as there are still some surprises and wildness.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-“The Classified Files: Getting to Know the Cast” Featurette

-“Sophia: The New Beginning of Laverne Cox” Featurette


-Audio Commentaries on Select Episodes