cyndi lauper detourHoly cow! Cyndi Lauper is sixty-two years old! Time has flown! After a long career using that great and distinctive voice to record some very popular Top 40 songs she has now taken a detour (see what I did there?) into the country music realm. I must admit that at the beginning it took some getting used to, but what saves it is that adventurous and slightly left of center that served her well in the past is still apparent. Though much of the material she covers here is around sixty years old she still applies the Cyndi factor to everything. First there is that voice. She does nothing to cover up that strong New York accent not daring to cover it up with some phony twang in her voice. A great plus is that she has invited some of the biggest names (an equally eccentric acts) to do duets with her. Willie Nelson appears on “Night Life”, Allison Krause on “Hard Candy Christmas”, Wanda Jackson on “Funnel of Love” and a hilarious turn with Vince Gill on “You’re the Reason Why Our Kids Are Ugly”.  Bottom line is that Cyndi Lauper doing country music is not a joke. It is a whole lotta fun, though.