Mr. Selfridge: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

A series of this calibre warrants owning as it is worthy of multiple viewings. That is not an earthshattering declaration when it comes to series produced by the BBC as they have given us a ton of quality. Though the series has a huge cast the story is never too intricate that you cannot catch on quickly.


It deals with a man who creates and runs a large department store in London. This season begins in 1928 and Lady Mae (played by Katherine Kelley) returns to London. Her arrival coincides with American Selfridge (played by Jeremy Piven) getting into a tight financial spot due to some quickly made decisions in regards to promoting the store. Grove (played by Tom Goodman-Hill) is celebrating his twentieth year with the store.


An almost ten year jump ahead in time between the end of the third season and the beginning of the fourth occurs. This is to allow for the tying up of characters and their storylines. The final ten episodes allow us ample time to say goodbye to characters and be somewhat happy about the way things end.


mr selfridge the complete fourth seasonThere has been the inevitable comparison the hugely popular Downton Abbey (though I don’t know why as they are completely different series) and while it is not as lavish particular attention is paid to things like set and costumes. They really transport you to London in the 1920s. While the backdrop of the series is the store and running of it, the series branches out into things like interpersonal relationships and other subplots. While the characters have ups and downs the series does not, remaining consistently strong. Sadly this is said to be the series’ last season.


Special Features:

-The Making of ‘Mister Selfridge’: (HD 5:57)

-The Rise and Fall of Harry Selfridge: (HD 3:38)

-The Ladies of Selfridges: (HD 3:36)

-Interview With Jeremy Piven: (HD 6:30).


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