keith urban ripcordThough he has tended mostly towards a traditional country rock sound on his tenth studio album Keith Urban has ventured more into the pop world. Maybe being a judge on the reality show American Idol and listening to all that pop music has rubbed off on him. The biggest example of the direction of the album can be found on the track “Sun Don’t Let Me Down” which features Mr. Worldwide Party himself, Pitbull. Admittedly this is the most poppy song of the bunch though the rest really do have a modern country sound to them. The track “John Cougar, John Deers, John 3:16” is a great demonstration of what country music in 2016 sounds like. Another highlight of a moment happens on the track “The Fighter”, a duet with Carrie Underwood. What elevates the album, as is the case with all of his albums, is his musicianship (the guy can really play the guitar and even banjo) and the passion he instills in each of his songs. That passion really draws you into the story he is telling and gets you involved.