During the early and middle part of the twentieth century it was common for young women and nuns to work in the medical field to supplement the work done by doctors. Call the Midwife is the story of these women who serve the poorest women in East End London at Nonnatus House.


In this popular British series some of the characters come and go but the quality of storytelling remains. Though it is a short season at just eight episodes each one will have you wanting more. It entertains while giving you a view of the issues that the women working here at the time would have had to deal with in the personal and private lives. There is plenty of nuance within each storyline and episode with both the positive and negative aspects of issues looked at.


call the midwife season fiveIt is the beginning of the Sixties and the small town located in the East end of London called Poplar is not immune to the social changes going on around the globe. Though this has meant improvements in sanitation, health care and housing that does not mean the nursing load of these ladies has been lightened any. Lung cancer has become more prevalent, teenage pregnancy is still high, two babies within a short period are born with severe deformities and just to sweeten the pot there is an outbreak of typhoid. Working in such a milieu places serious emotional and physical demands upon the women.


Special Features:


-Cast & crew interviews