Summer is Here! – Lancement des Terrasses St. Denis

lancement des terrasses 2016In Montreal our winters are so long and summers so short that we take every opportunity to be outdoors when it is nice.  However, we don’t want that outside time to interfere with one of the most important of our institutions – the 5a7.  So we kill those two birds with one stone by spending time on terrasses having cheap drinks.

Tapping into this the bar owners along St. Denis have started a Lancement des Terrasses event.  The Quartier Latin area will be a fun place to be for a couple of days during the festival to kick off the outdoor drinking season.  All through the area there will be different activities to supplement the terrasses ones.  Fun stuff like a climbing wall, mini-putt and a musical background provided by Osheaga will be happening. To make things even more fun than should be legal there will also be karaoke at the Saint-Sulpice.

The best part is that almost everything (booze not included) is free!

Additional Information:

-Dates:  May 27-28, 2016

-Music Acts:  – Paupière
– Syzzors
– Laurence Nerbonne
– Caravane
– French Fox (DJ set)
– Naadel
– Heartstreets
– Rednext Level
– Brown
– Montrilla (DJ set)