imageFor many music experts and fans Austin, Texas is the music capital of the world. Now that might cause several of you out there to question the sanity of those who claim this. It is not the usual answer like Los Angeles, Nashville, Vienna or New York City.  Because it is not big and flashy does not mean it is not true. And has been for many a year. This film, originally releases in 2014, examines Austin and its claim to be at the top of the music food chain.j

Since about 1835 Austin has had to have been considered in the discussion for live music capital of the world. The backbone of the film or how the story of Austin is told is a benefit concert that is going to happen. It is told via documentary and then 8 songs from the over three hour concert.

As the man behind the 2007 concert, Stephen Bruton is the focal point. Singer Bruton, just a week after his final chemo treatment due to throat cancer, got his band mates together for his last time onstage. Twenty thousand appreciative fans revelled in the three hours of music magic they were treated to. He is the spirit behind the benefit concert. On this day the performers included Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Johnson, Joe Ely, Delbert McClinton and many others. You can sense the dedication they were feeling about being there and the respect they felt towards their fellow musicians.

As background to this happening director Gary Fortin tells the musical tale of the city from 1835 till the present. Using interviews, old photos and footage to weave the story, you begin to see how music has always been the heart and pulse of the city in the South. It was a place where country, blues and Latin music lived side by side.