ariana grande dangerous womanBecause of her vocal strength pop princess Ariana Grande is a real chameleon. Meaning she can slot herself into many of the pop subgenres. Her latest entitled Dangerous Woman reinforces the fact that she can do anything. Most of that is due to her strong voice as it fits anywhere. Lots of power in that wee little package. The fifteen tracks on the album feature all the colours of the rainbow from Nineties R&B to swing then on to uptown funk (“Greedy”) and back to tropical house. Uptempo (“Thinking Bout You”) to a ballad (“Leave Me Lonely”) and on to mid-tempo (“Sometimes”). Dipping her toe in every musical pool. She seems unwilling to settle on a sound and I am not sure it is necessary in this case as she still manages to have a cohesive sound going on. Probably because of that aforementioned voice.  Some have prematurely dismissed her because of her former life as a child actor on Nickelodeon but that is unfair. There is some depth to be found and there are few, if any, young female pop singer who has created her own sound vocally like Grande, whose phrasing is really unique and range is vast.