James Blake – The Colour in Anything

james blake the color in anythingQuiet yet emotional. These are two of the best words to describe the music of James Blake. The Colour in Anything is the young Brit’s third album and it at the same time looks back in his career while demonstrating that he is evolving as a songwriter. The sound harkens back to the downtempo electronica of his first recordings but his lyrics have sunken to an even sadder level. Thankfully, because it would get too depressing, there are moments of strength and light within it all. Layer upon beautiful layer. Matching the dark lyrics is his brittle and filled with emotion voice; the boy certainly has the instrument to get across the heartbreak and sadness of his songs. Despite the fact that by this description you might think that every song sounds like the next nothing could be further from the truth. There is a myriad of sounds to be discovered here. It is hard to pick a favourite song or one that stands out amidst all this gorgeousness. Strong ones are “Radio Silence”, “Love Me in Whatever Way”, “Modern Soul” and “I Hope My Life”. This album is bound to be on repeat on your player all summer.

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