Blake Shelton – If I’m Honest

blake shelton if im honestLike his new love Gwen Stefani this is Blake Shelton’s break up then find new love album. There is a certain amount of voyeurism that goes along with an album like this in that you feel unprecedented access to the artist’s heart/life. Because of his warm and jokey way you really feel welcomed into his life instead of like an interloper. To be even more transparent about his new love part there is a duet with Stefani on the track “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”. Breaking up the both ends of love theme there are some of the typical “I am a good old boy” songs like “Straight Outta Cold Beer” and “Doin It to Country Songs” featuring The Oak Ridge Boys. This cheetah still wears his spots proudly. If I’m Honest is his tenth album and while it is not his best work it is still above average country music. The lyrics (he gets some of the best songwriters in country music to pen his songs) are great filled with nuance and insight. He is so self-assured and popular that he can get away with almost anything. For instance, the most recent single off the album “Savior’s Shadow” is a gospel tune and there are not many with the cajones to pull that off. The fifteen songs on the album feature a couple of duds, but for the most part this is an example of why the guy is so popular.

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