Legend – Blu-ray Edition

legend ultimate editionA fantasy film that is meant for adults and not kids.  Kids could potentially relate to it on certain levels, but director Ridley Scott (American Gangster, Black Hawk Down) meant it to be a film that captured the imagination of adults.  It is beautiful to look at and introduced us to a little known actor at the time – Tom Cruise.

The Dark Lord (Tim Curry – The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Hunt for Red October) orders the disgusting Blix (Alice Playten – I.Q., Amityville II: The Possession) to go to Innocence to destroy daylight.

In Innocence, Princess Lili (Mia Sara – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Time Cop) loves to explore the forests.  She enjoys meeting up with Jack (Tom Cruise – Top Gun, Jerry Maguire), a young man who lives in the forest.  Jack brings Lili to see the magical unicorns.  He tells her that as long as they are on Earth no one can harm the pure of heart.  Jack is afraid that Lili has risked her mortal soul by approaching and touching the animals.  Throwing away her ring, Lili says that she will marry whoever finds it.  Jack plunges into the water after it.  He cannot find it.

Darkness’s plan is to disperse eternal night in the land of Innocence by killing every unicorn in the world.  Blix has been watching Jack and Lili the whole time.  Shoots a poison dart at a unicorn then saws off its horn.  The world suddenly plunges into winter.

Lili takes refuge in Nell’s (Tina Martin) house.  Blix arrives to loot the place and Lili overhears him talking of what he has done.  Lili realizes it is all her fault and she vows to make everything right again.

Jack meets up with a group of fairies led by Gump (David Bennent – She Hate Me).  He and Gump discover the unicorn mare is still alive.  Darkness, who has realized the same thing, orders Blix to capture Lili and the mare.  Blix does just that.

Prodded by the group of fairies to become a hero, Jack races off to rescue the unicorn and Lili.  He begins his quest to save the two and stop Darkness from marrying Lili.

The film was originally released in 1985 and the version that made it to the theatres was very different from the one director Ridley Scott made.  It was cut up to pieces.  Now it is re-released the way the director wanted it to be seen and it is much better for it.

Think of the film as a precursor to The Lord of the Rings films.  Adult fantasy.  Filled with questions and issues that go way above kids’ heads.  What becomes of innocence when we leave it behind after childhood?  These are the types of questions that are behind Ridley Scott’s film.

All the elements of a fairy tale are here like the hero, the villain, the princess, goblins, and fairies, but this is not a kids’ fairy tale.  Dark, surreal and at times like it came from Scott’s nightmares, the film is wonderful to look at though a little too scary and long to hold the attention of young people.

Special notice should be taken of Tim Curry’s performance.  He really chews up the scenery as Darkness.  It seems like he really had a good time with this role.  A performance like this reminds us that he really is a good actor, but has been waylaid by the bad films he has made.

Special Features:

-Feature Commentary with Director Ridley Scott

-Isolated Music Score by Tangerine Dream

-Creating a Myth: The Making of Legend

-Lost Scenes Including Alternate Opening

-Bryan Ferry “Is Your Love Enough” Music Video

-Photo Gallery


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