bruce almighty blu ray editionAfter the release of the Capra-esque The Majestic in 2001, Carrey devotees were left with nary a smile o­n their popcorn stuffed faces. While some dismissed the film as simply another “Cable Guy” catastrophe in a career which would go o­n longer than Jim’s manic improvisations, certain critics prophesized that it would mark the end of the 20 million dollar maniac altogether.

Following that train wreck of a career move, Bruce Almighty was logically the o­nly way to go. Showcasing the childish brand of slapstick humor which rocketed Carrey to stupor-stardom, Bruce Almighty is a safe bet with broad enough appeal to induce chuckles from asinine audiences of all ages.

Carrey stars as Bruce Nolan, a down and out New York news reporter who finds himself stuck covering such ‘special interest’ pieces as “The World’s Largest Cookie”. Even with the encouragement of his quixotically optimistic love-interest Grace (Jennifer Aniston), Bruce is furious with the big guy upstairs and refuses to be denied happiness for any longer.

Denouncing God during a post-car accident hissyfit, Bruce is summoned to a deserted building by the ubiquitous o­ne via cell phone and pager. In an attempt to teach Bruce a thing or two about how complicated running the world truly is, God (Morgan Freeman) informs the disheartened Nolan that he now possesses all of His powers.

If the film sounds far too preachy for your liking, rest assured; the whole superhuman power scenario is simply an excuse to have Almighty’s star parting bowls of tomato soup with his mind and conjuring up chimpanzees to burst out of gang-banger’s behinds. No brain or understanding of religion is required to appreciate director Shadyac’s latest mainstream comedy. In fact, they are not even recommended.

While the film occasionally flails due to its countless formula flick banalities, if in Jim you trust, then thank-God that Bruce Almighty is finally making its way to video.

If checking out the special features menu has become a religious activity, you are in luck. The disc includes several fun extras:

Special Features:

-Deleted and Extended Scenes

-The Process of Jim

-Feature Commentary with Director Tom Shadyac