Dierks Bentley – Black

dierks bentley blackI’ve long considered this man one of the bright lights in modern country music. It has taken half a decade and a few albums for him to show that once again. Black is Dierks Bentley’s return to the top of the country music mountain. Mostly because he takes a risk with the album and is successful. The risk is having a theme that runs throughout and tells the story of a man who in the beginning is a womanizer who makes his way through woman after woman. At about the halfway point this guy realizes that is not what he is looking for and finds love. The transition from lothario to life partner is a bumpy one. With this theme along with the sound you can’t help but be reminded of the good old days of country; it just has that sound and feel to it. That is not to say that there is nothing modern about the album because there is. For instance, on the track “Somewhere on a Beach” there is some hip hop mixed in for good measure. Another sparkling moment is when Elle King joins him for a duet on “Different for Girls”.

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