Clint Eastwood 3 Western Movie Collection – Blu-ray Edition

clint eastwood 3 movie western collectionDue to his ability to wither even the most confident man with his steely glare and his screen presence, Clint Eastwood was a natural for Westerns. He began playing cowboys on television and then moved on to the big screen. Eastwood made an impact because he did not take on your typical cowboy roles and helped to expand the limits of the genre.

Two Mules for Sister Sara directed by Don Sieger:

A cowboy (Clint Eastwood) rescues a nun (Shirley MacLaine – Terms of Endearment, Being There) from three cowboys. He finds out that the French are chasing after her but not for the reason she tells him. As he is doing some scouting work decides to agree to help her in exchange for some inside information about the French fort. The two become close in their time together though Sara’s secret does cause plenty of problems.

High Plains Drifter directed by Clint Eastwood:

The Stranger (Clint Eastwood) arrives in the newly established of Lago. It is obviously that the townspeople are in over their heads when it comes to three gunmen just released from prison, who seem to be running things. After The Stranger demonstrates he can take care of himself they decide to hire him to protect them.

Joe Kidd directed by John Storges:

A former bounty hunter (Clint Eastwood) is hired by a wealthy landowner (Robert Duvall – The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) to help end a range war with a band of Mexican revolutionaries. His loyalties become divided when he falls for a beautiful rebel.

Special Features:

-Two Mules for Sister Sarah Theatrical Trailer

-Joe Kidd Theatrical Trailer

-High Plains Drifter Theatrical Trailer

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