nick joans last year was complicatedHeartbreak is on the menu for Nick Jonas. While writing the songs for his third solo album, Jonas broke up with his long term girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, and the emotions he went through subsequent found themselves all over Last Year Was Complicated. He was wise enough to temper these darker emotions with beats and rhythms of the lighter and more upbeat variety. In the process, he might have created a whole new musical niche called Moody Club. Not to be too critical, but Nick Jonas’s voice is never why you are going to like his music as it is not strong. Though it is good enough and he and his producers, Jason Evigan and Sir Nolan, are wise enough to surround it by banging music. A great example of this is the single “Closer”, a duet with Tove Lo. The music replicates the ticking of a clock and completely takes over the vocals. Though credit goes to the two singers who manage to create enough sexual tension to keep you interested. To give credit where credit is due, Jonas does have a flexible voice that features a decent falsetto at times. He uses his acting muscles when singing in that he ably conveys the frustrations, heartache, bitterness and pain the lyrics require of him. Soulful and has all the makings of a pop star.