band of horses why are you okOn their fifth album Band of Horses demonstrates once again that they are a confident outfit that mines rock’s past to make up their sound. Anthemic guitar riffs, occasionally sounding like the Beach Boys, garage rock, stuff that would have been at home in the Seventies and Nineties, a dash of country rock and spacey Pink Floyd sounding tracks make up Why Are You Ok. Meaning that they are all over the rock map with their variety. Making it not a sonic mess is their confidence and the balancing act they have become better and better at. They not only balance sound but emotions with equal parts dark and light creeping into the tracks. They definitely do not allow the angst to overshadow. That being said, there is a complexity here that might take a few listens to catch on to. It is definitely an album that will take its time growing on you. Each subsequent listen will result in you liking the music more and more. A well crafted album that will make you wonder why they are not more popular.