Mudcrutch – 2

mudcrutch 2This is Tom Petty’s band which he has reformed to record and release their second album – hence the clever album name. Mudcrutch is the band he was a part of before the Heartbreakers (though many of them are here as well). To prove that it wasn’t just a diversion or a joke they are back together and each member chips in his part. Each member has their time in the spotlight in regards to taking on lead vocals duties and writes some of the music and lyrics. This is certainly not a one man outfit or just a bunch of musicians surrounding Petty. A real band with each showing what they bring talentwise. A band that plays good old style Southern rock. There are some deviations into psych rock and bluegrass (“Welcome to Hell”), but for the most part their heart in in the South and its sound. The feel that these guys are really enjoying what they are doing comes through loud and proud in the tracks on 2. Plenty of imagination on the musical arrangements and tons of talent behind the instruments. Petty goes back to his roots playing bass and harmonica. Overall, there are plenty of great guitar licks and a warmness that you don’t often find in the genre. A high quality album composed by men who have been friends and bandmates for decades.

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