neil young earthSometimes while listening to this 2CD live recording you remember that Neil Young is seventy while others you completely forget it. At certain points there is so much more energy than a man of that age should have while others I feared he might have fallen asleep. An interesting juxtaposition. A perfect example of this is the twenty-six minute long rambling version of “Love & Only Love”. The songs here come from the width and breadth of his catalogue. Some from way back in the Seventies. Another interesting aspect of Earth is that he has chosen to overdub the live performance with sounds of nature, animals and insects. Each of the songs has something to do with nature, as well. His passion about trying to do what he can to heal this planet we live on is obvious. Instead of just being a rag tag group of songs about the environment there is actually a flow here with one song meshing into the next. Which is quite an accomplishment as some are acoustic sounding while others are real rockers. Backing him up musically on the album is not the usual Crazy Horse but a group made up of a few of Willie Nelson’s sons. They are all more than capable musicians and Young’s guitar playing is at times great. Plus they add a much appreciated influx of energy into the songs and the man. Worthy purchase just for the live versions of “Mother Earth” and “After the Goldrush” alone.