Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Season One

After taking notice of actress Lisa Edelstein during her run on the television series House I thought that she deserved a series of her own. A series in which she was the focal point. Here it is. And while it is not going to go down in the annals of television history as a classic, it is a series in which she gets to demonstrate the breadth of her talent. She is well able to do comedy and drama which this series demands of her.


girlfriends guide to divorce season oneHere she plays middle aged, Los Angeles dwelling Abby (played by Lisa Edelstein), a successful author of self-help books who suddenly finds her life falling apart. She and her husband Jake (played by Paul Adelstein) have separated and are trying to keep it from everyone. Their two kids, Lily (played by Conner Dwelly) and Charlie (played by Dylan Schombing), and the people who buy her books. They are not too successful and the news gets out. Now the kids are angry and confused and Abby’s career seems in jeopardy.


The pressure is on and Abby is in completely new territory. She is going to try dating for the first time in years as well as try to resuscitate her career. To this end, she will be aided by her two best friends, Phoebe (played by Beau Garrett) and Lyla (played by Janeane Gaofalo), and her new attourney, Delia (played by Necar Zadegan).


As a series I’m sure that opinion of it is split. There will be some who cannot stand the thought of watching another series about rich people complaining about their lives while others will find the circumstances Abby finds herself in very relatable. The road of divorce is a bumpy one and viewers will have their own personal opinions about whether this series does it justice. Think of it as a Sex in the City set in Los Angeles featuring women who are about a decade older.


Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Previews of Friday Night Lights, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chicago Fire, The Office

-Gag Reel

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