Over on the other side of the pond they have a particular way of doing comedy. Usually it is a winner. This series is no exception. Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll dresses up like a woman. That woman is Mrs. Agnes Brown, the Dublin residing widow of six adult children, who has never met a situation that she can resist sticking her nose into. With her foul mouth and meddling ways that leads to plenty of humourous situations. All the better for this BBC comedy series.


The series ran three seasons and broke records in the U.K. and Australia for numbers of viewers. It is based on the popular novels written by O’Carroll, who is joined in the cast by his wife, sister and daughter, including The Mammy and The Granny. With her foul mouth and meddling ways she involves herself in the lives of everyone around her.


mrs browns boys the complete seriesOld school comedy is what this is all about. Cases of mistaken identity, sight gags, slapstick, often breaks the fourth wall, one liners and a little bit of racy humour. Pure Irish brand of humour that will have you laughing out loud continuously. There is plenty of foul language but it is not without a purpose. As a result it does not offend. Sets and costumes are on the low end though again it does not detract from the laughs. Actually it suits them.


On top of the three seasons you get seven Christmas episodes including Mammy’s Ass, Mammy Christmas, The Virgin Mammy, Buckin’ Mammy, Who’s a Pretty Mammy, Mammy’s Tickled Pink and Mammy’s Gamble.


Special Features:

-Original Pilot



-Extended Scenes


-End-of-Season Wraps

-Brendan’s Jokes Between Takes

-Brendan’s Surprise

-Deleted Scenes

-Alternate Scene Endings