Absolutely Anything

Sometimes the sum of your parts is not greater than your whole. This British comedy is an example of that. If you were going to go about making a comedy then what better beginning part could you think of than having one of the members of the iconic Monty Python behind the camera. You then get the entire troupe to supply voices to several animated characters. You also get Robin Williams to do some voice work. Then you add to your wealth by getting fine comedic actor Simon Pegg along with the hilarious Joanna Lumley along with stand up giant Eddie Izzard into the fold along with Brit beauty Kate Beckinsale to supply the eye candy. Seems like a cannot miss batch of talent. Sometimes that is not enough. Just goes to show how important story and direction is.


absolutely anythingYou can totally see what they were going for with this film.  An off the cuff, dry but odd brand of humour that the Brits have become known for.  If it is your thing that nutty humour styling can be a winner.  Mysteriously in the last part of the film it strays away from that and tries to branch out into a comedic action farce film.  Overly ambitious and not necessary.  You were doing well in the first half why attempt a change?


Neil (Simon Pegg – Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation) dreams about his beautiful neighbour, Catherine (Kate Beckinsale – Love & Friendship, The Aviator), and loves his dog, Dennis (Robin Williams – Dead Poet’s Society, Aladdin).  He also is a high school teacher.  In other words, he is a very average guy.  His life is about to become a lot more spectacular in short order.


A council of aliens has come to Earth to decide whether it is a planet with a species worth saving.  To go about getting their answer they will give one human the power to do anything and sit back and watch if they use their newfound power for good or bad.  As luck would have it, Neil is the human they have randomly selected.


Once he realizes what he has going for him Neil struggles to adjust to his new reality.  He uses his power to help his co-worker Ray (Sanjeev Bhaskar – Notting Hill, The Guru) in his romantic life and his newfound confidence to approach Catherine.  Without using his power he gets a date with her, but a former flame, Grant (Rob Riggle – The Hangover, Dumb and Dumber To), who won’t give up becomes a complication.


The film did have potential and a couple of strong comedic moments sprinkled throughout that demonstrate just that.  Unfortunately, falling flat is what happens more often than not.  Nothing is really all that memorable or laugh out loud funny.  Creativity is lacking and a firm vision from behind the camera from director Terry Jones (Erik the Viking, The Meaning of Life).


Special Features:

-Making Absolutely Anything

-The Aliens

-Mojo Interviews the Cast

-If You Could do Absolutely Anything…

-Previews of Ricki and the Flash, The D Train, The Wedding Ringer, Where Hope Grows

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