Garbage – Strange Little Birds

garbage strange little birdsIt seems like some things from the Nineties are going to be making a comeback in 2016. Round sunglasses, platform shoes, flannel, Doc Martens and Calvin Klein underwear are all once again hot. It does not end there as bands from that era like Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers have also released albums. American-Scottish alternative band Garbage has also resurfaced. On their sixth album it is like time has stood still for the band. Vocalist Shirley Manson, who is sounding as good as ever, is still the strong rock diva she was back then. Yet once you really listen to Strange Little Birds you soon realize that their music still works. All that sullenness and grinding guitar work still sounds great rather than dated. You also realize that Shirley Manson paved the way for today’s left of center female artists like Lana Del Rey and Sky Ferreira. She showed these women that you could rage against your demons while still being strong and thought provoking. Shirley Manson remains the patron saint for women who feel like outsiders. You get songs about relationships, distrust, feeling alone and being head over heels in love. All is cast with a rather dark palette. What I do like about it is that they have not gone into the studio and tried to recreate the songs that were big hits for them. There is no “Stupid Girl” here. Rather this is a heavier sounding album but they remain true to their guitar heavy sound. Everything Nineties is cool again.


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