Yellow Sky – Blu-ray Edition

yellow skyThe tough shoot-from-the-hip Stretch (Gregory Peck – Cape Fear, The Omen) leads a band of outlaws into the Badlands, but things become precarious for the group when they lose their way. Stretch, Dude (Richard Widmark – How the West Was Won, Judgment at Nuremburg), Lengthy (John Russell – Pale Rider, The Outlaw Josey Wales), and Half Pint (Henry Morgan – from television’s M.A.S.H.) believe that their days are numbered.

Their salvation comes in the form of the town of Yellow Sky. The only ones living in Yellow Sky are an old man (James Barton – The Misfits, The Time of Your Life) and his granddaughter, Constance Mae or better know as ‘Mike’ (Anne Baxter – The Magnificent Ambersons, The Razor’s Edge). Their salvation turns into their downfall when the discovery of gold leads the gang members to turn on one another. The bank robbers want to steal the gold from the old man and Mike. Sounds like a good plan to most of the gang except for Stretch, who has fallen for Mike and does not want any part of the robbery. It begins a battle to the death.

Shot in beautiful black-and-white, “Yellow Sky” is an above average Western. The elements of lust, love, greed, violence, and betrayal are all in the film. Interestingly enough director William A. Wellman (Buffalo Bill, The Ox-Bow Incident) has also included some elements of film noir in this picture, especially in the final shoot out scenes. The story is not groundbreaking but the acting is top notch. Anne Baxter, Gregory Peck and Richard Widmark all turn in good performances. The cinematography in the film is excellent with the exteriors, which were filmed in Death Valley, giving it a hue of realism.

Special Features:

  • Brand new audio commentary by William Wellman, Jr.

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