Jake Bugg – On My One

jake bugg on my oneOn the British musician’s third album he is still creating an ear pleasing melange of American and British folk music. Jake Bugg is at his best in this musical world. When he tries to get more modern about things is when he tends to muck things up. Stick with the music that comes from your soul, Jake! The blues on title track “On My One” and the rockabilly on “Put Out the Fire” are both scorchers. It is when he raps on “Ain’t No Rhyme” or goes modern on “Gimme the Love” that you hear a man out of his element. This is an album in which he has done pretty much everything – writing, playing most of the instruments and producing it himself. Maybe next time he should bring in another set of ears. You can understand when artists try to expand their horizons as none of us would like to go into work and do the same thing day after day. Still, if you are a skilled painter no one expects you to start building furniture. Still an impressive body of work from someone who is only twenty-two-years-old. Do like the fact that you get a wide variety of sounds on one album.

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