fitz and the tantrums fitz and the tantrumsA self-titled album that signals the full evolution from a soul band to one that is going for a big pop sound. For the better or for the worse? That is for you to decide. What I can tell you is that the music found here sounds like that of a thousand other bands. Nothing to distinguish it. That does not come as a surprise when you scratch the surface and see that the producers on the album have worked with the likes of Sia, Kelly Clarkson and Fifth Harmony. The band is obviously going for catchy hooks and not worry so much about pesky details such as lyrics, which are all rather weak and filled with cliches. Tracks like “Handclap” and “Roll Up” were made to cater to radio programmers. It all winky and cute with muffled synthesizers. A mixture of uptempo and slower songs. The most interesting moment comes when they try something a little different with a very retro Bobby Brown sounding track called “Fadeback”. Not enough to save the album but does give you an idea of what the band is capable of when they think outside the box.