Person of Interest: The Complete Fifth and Final Season – Blu-ray Edition

person of interest the complete fifth seasonThirteen episodes. That is all that remains in this series. How will they wrap it up? Will fans who have watched the CBS series faithfully be happy? These are the big questions. Along with how will the Person of Interest team deal with this new world?


The world has changed over their four years together. Members of the Person of Interest team, wealthy technology whiz Harold Finch (played by Michael Emerson), former CIA special agent John Reese (played by Jim Caviezel), NYPD detective Lionel Fusco (played by Kevin Chapman), missing operative Sameen Shaw (played by Sarah Shahi) and hacker Root (played by Amy Acker), have always had their back covered by artificial intelligence The Machine and that is now over. The Machine is dead. Shaw is nowhere to be found. The world for the Person of Interest team has turned topsy-turvy. They now have to keep a real low profile. The problem is rival artificial intelligence Samaritan is getting stronger. What is Finch going to do? Is he going to be able to get The Machine back online?


Too bad this is the end for Persons of Interest as it is one of those rare ones with an original premise. Strange but it works. The team is filled with odd birds but they work well as a unit. Secrets, intrigue, technology, terror, partnerships, crime and intelligence make up the important elements of the show.


Special Features:

2015 Comic-Con Panel

“Finale for the Fans” Featurette

Revelations of Person of Interest featurette

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