Bat for Lashes – The Bride

The woman behind Bat for Lashes, Natasha Khan, has always reminded me of the opposite side of the coin from Stevie Nicks.  If, as in American Horror Story: Coven led us to believe that Nicks is a white witch, then Khan is a black one. The Brit singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist burst onto Continue Reading

The Lobster – Blu-ray Edition

The modern world is a difficult and tricky place.  Relationships have become even more difficult – to find and maintain.  With all the barriers like isolation, plenty of competition, long work weeks, distractions like social media and the entertainment industry, and alienation romance seems to have fallen by the wayside.  Continue Reading


The Internet and social media pretty much runs the lives of teenagers today.  They spend most of their time on it and it is where most of their communication happens.  There are some good things about it and some rather scary/dangerous aspects.  Inherently, the Internet is neither good nor bad; Continue Reading