jack irish the moviesThree for the price of one. Jack Irish is a former criminal lawyer who is now a disillusioned with the system outsider who makes a living collecting debts and constructing cabinets. That is when he is not drinking and gambling. A full life as you can see. All this anger is due to the unsolved murder of his wife. Now your beginning to understand a little of the psyche of the man.


This collection contains three feature length films starring Jack Irish (played by Guy Pearce) and is dysfunctional ways. He is based in Melbourne and wants to spend all of his time in the cabinet making shop with Charlie (played by Vadin Glowna) or in the pub drinking himself into a stupor. That life is often interrupted by murder or other kinds of mayhem.


You will get action, intrigue and even comedy from the films. Stories are intelligent and acting is solid.


Bad Debt:

A former client is dead and Jack is drawn back into the life he used to live with politics, cops and murder. Death and a conspiracy are dragging him back into being an investigator. Somehow he manages to still take part in his real passions – gambling and cabinet making. During the course of the investigation he gets romantically involved with reporter Linda (played by Marta Dusseldorp), who is hoping to get the inside on a scoop.


Black Tide:

An old friend of his father’s comes to Jack with an case that is intriguing as it might give him some information about his father’s life. The friend’s son Gary is missing along with some of his father’s money. Somehow Charlie is involved as well. Soon it becomes apparent that the case involves some powerful people.


Dead Point:

Jack is asked by his father-in-law Judge Loder (played by Barry Humphries) to find a red book. The book has an important role to play in a dockyard criminal report the judge is about to release. A conspiracy is happening and violence, corruption, drugs, gambling, theft and blackmail follow along.


Special Features:

-Behind the Scenes of Black Tide

-Behind the Scenes Clips