Being late for most events is a common occurrence that I am trying curtail.  Last night was no different than any other night, I rushed to have an early supper and then I tried not to notice the speed limit signs on the highway, as I sped to my destination, Théâtre Fairmount on Parc avenue, in Montreal; I made it, got there on time, eight o’clock on the dot; but then the doorman announced the Juliette Lewis concert would be starting late, at 10:30pm….that’s late even by my standards.  Fortunately it was an ideal night for reacquainting ourselves with a neighborhood we often view through our windshields but rarely walk around in.  Checked out numerous stores and I finally sought out a dozen St. Viateur bagels for some comfort.   Then returned to the venue a bit early.


The chitter and chatter outside was all about the multi-talented Lewis and her outstanding acting performances.  It seemed that few in attendance, including myself, had ever seen Lewis perform live.  We filed into the theatre that was once known as Club Soda; I estimated no more than a couple of hundred fans in attendance.


After taking a six year break from music Lewis has returned with a European and North American tour.  She collaborated with Isabella “Machine” Summers of Florence and the Machine on her first single “Hello Hero” and Brad Schultz of Cage the Elephant; her new CD/EP is expected to be released this fall.  Lewis’ music although difficult to pigeon hole can be considered a mix of pop, blues and disco and rock.


The press release quoted Juliette Lewis saying, “songwriting and recording is one thing but the live show is really what I’m made to do. I like creating a super visceral experience and putting on the type of show you walk away from feeling like your heart is on fire and you just lived through something. I want people to experience everything I feel on that stage but in a dramatic catharsis of energy. The set should take you on a ride of danger, loss, seduction and celebration.”  Of course this statement sets the bar high; we were stoked.


The four band members and Juliette Lewis took the stage.  Lewis wearing a feathery outfit on her shoulders was ready to take flight.  From the first note to the last, Lewis was lit up like an electric neon sign in the middle of a desert.  Her backing musicians were very skilled and really held the show together, but Lewis was the show.  Lewis jumps and gyrates engaging her fans like I have never seen before.  Taking selfies with her fans mid-verse and taking impromptu strolls off the stage was all part of the performance.   Juliette truly electrifies her fans with something that is rarely seen now days.  She has a love for music that should inspire us all.   Even though the concert only lasted about 100 minutes it was more than worth it.  Everyone in attendance felt the raw wild burst of energy this artist conjured up…I hope you were there.



  • Smash and Grab
  • American Boy
  • Mind Full of Daggers
  • I Know Trouble
  • Future Deep
  • Hello Hero
  • Any Way You Want
  • Fantasy Bar
  • Got Love to Kill
  • Hot Kiss
  • Hard Lovin’ Woman
  • Proud Mary (Ike and Tina Turner cover)
  • Speaking
  • Suicide Dive Bombers