the titanicThe night of April 12, 1912 is etched in most people’s memories as it is the night that the mighty Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean. Because of the size of the tragedy involved in the sinking of this ship there have been many films, television movies and documentaries made on the subject. We cannot resist the allure of wondering what the people that perished were like and what it was like on the ship over the trip and during the sinking.


Story starts in London before the launching of the Titanic. Jaime (played by Mike Doyle) a young man who makes his living relieving people of his goods somehow sneaks his way aboard the ship. Once aboard he finds himself amidst all kinds of high society types. Jaime reason behind stowing aboard the ship is to get a fresh start on his life. That plan is put in jeopardy by another criminal named Simon Doonan (played by Tim Curry), who plans on rob many of those in first-class.


That is a subplot that goes along behind the two main stories involving romance. The very wealthy Isabelle Paradine (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) finds herself back under the spell of former beau Wynn Park (played by Peter Gallagher). Jaime becomes enamoured with a young Irish girl. The second romance is in jeopardy when Simon finds out that Jaime is only aboard because of stolen ticket and forces him to become his accomplice.


Pretty much cursed (as the ship was) from the get go as it was released around the same time as the monstrously popular James Cameron film, it really was overlooked and then forgotten. Surprisingly it is not that bad. Not a glowing review, I know, but the truth. It involves the same kind of romance focused story. The only misstep involves Tim Curry’s character. Simon really does not belong in this series. He turns in a strong performance but that part of the story really takes away from the feeling generated by the rest.