dinosaur jr give a glimpse of what youre notThis is a band that seems to like taking a break and then getting back together. Give a Glimpse of What You’re Not is the result of their fourth reunion. All band members are around the age of fifty and it meshes perfectly with their world-weary and melancholy sound. The trio, Lou Barlow, J Macis and Murph, has always looked more towards setting a tone or mood rather than getting thoughts or beliefs across. In other words, Dinosaur Jr albums are more about what they sound like than what they say. That is nothing new for the band as they sounded that way in their twenties. The instrumentation is still fuzzy (though there are still plenty of killer guitar solos) lending to the downer lyrics. One song will melt into the next as they all have a similar sound. Lead single “Goin Down” really shows what these guys are all about. It is a rough around the edges song with great sections of shredding guitar work. Probably will take a few listens for a true appreciation to grow.  Real rock and roll going on here.