murdoch mysteries seasons 5 8 collectionFor Canadian history fans this popular series brings to you what life was like in the Victorian era. You get some looks at the inventions that took place during this time as well as the important people

An engaging series that occurs during the Victorian era in Toronto that centers on brilliant detective William Murdoch (played by Yannick Bisson) and his attempts to solve seemingly impossible cases. Murdoch is one of the forefathers of some of the technologies used to solve crimes.

Season four saw Murdoch go through a professional and personal crisis so at the beginning of season five he has abandoned his career path to take up gold prospecting.  Fear not as his true calling beckons and Murdoch is soon back to solving mysteries.

You care about the characters and especially Murdoch (played by Yannick Bisson) and Julie (played by Helen Joy), who share great on screen chemistry. Now they are planning for their lives together as husband and wife. In his job Murdoch and his colleagues, Constable Crabtree (played by Jonny Harris), Dr. Emily Grace (played by Georgina Reilly) and Inspector Breckenridge (played by Thomas Craig), have to deal with cases that involve serial killers, bank robbers and drug dealers.

Special Features:

-Season Five Overview

-Murdoch Travels to the Yukon

-Murdoch at the Opera

-Who Killed the Electric Carriage?

-The Costumes

-Unedited Sound Bites

-Photo Gallery

-Trailers from Case Histories and Garrow’s Law

-Making of, 100th Episode

-Making Murdoch: Behind the Scenes Featurettes (109 minutes)

-Photo Gallery