Thrills and romance are what this series has always been based upon and that continues on in the seventh season. Though many out there might have reached their fill when it comes to vampire stuff this is not one you should turn your back on if you love campiness and heightened emotions.


Fans, I’m sure, were holding their collective breaths when they found out that the show’s primary star Nina Dobrev had quit. Would it go on? Once they decided it would without her would there be a gap no one could fill?  Worry not would be my answer after watching the season. It stays true to what it has always been stylewise and they do a decent job with the incorporating her departure into the story. It is not perfect but what is?


the vampire diaries the complete seventh seasonThe season begins with a high octane start and manages to keep up the energy level throughout. It with have you breathless and not seeing things coming. Along with some blood and violence what more could a vampire show fan ask for? New stuff comes up and it does not feel forced in any way.


A short synopsis of what goes on would be that Elena (Dobrev) has perished due to the sleeping curse. Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) decides he just wants to be a normal guy. Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) and Caroline (played by Candice King) get closer. She is mourning both the death of her friend and mother. Bonnie (played by Kat Graham) is dealing with some new powers. Damon and Stefan’s mother Lily (played by Annie Wersching) tries to cause conflict between the brothers. Damon wants to take down his mother. Enzo (played by Michael Malarkey) is not sure where his allegiance lies. Never a dull moment in Mystic Falls.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Deleted Scenes

-Directing Vampires

-Sound Bite: Gag Reel

-Come Visit Georgia PSA

-The Vampire Diaries: 2015 Comic-Con Panel