dcs legends of tomorrow season 1The minds behind The Flash and Arrow obviously don’t sleep as they found themselves with some time on their hands so they made another superhero series. This time it is one based on characters from those two series along with some new DC Comics superheroes. They have stuck with what they know best.


Rip Hunter is able to see the future as a result of his time traveling ability. The future he has seen is not a good one so in an attempt to change it he decides to gather of both heroes and villains. The aim is to save Earth and mankind from an imminent threat.


Like many new series there are some problems with pacing and forcing of some storylines (this refers to some of the romances on the show). As the season went on though several of the problems were ironed out. By the last third it had really built up some momentum. A strength of the series is definitely its action sequences. There is a lot of butt kicking if that is your cup of tea. The debut season is not without its bumps along the road, but there is enough there to keep you watching.




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