inspector lewis series 8This is the last kick at the can for the PBS series Inspector Lewis. Fans have been…well…fans of Inspector Lewis (played by Kevin Whately), a protégé of Inspector Morse, and Inspector Hathaway (played by Laurence Fox) who, despite the fact they work in the seemingly quiet locale of Oxford, always have a murder or other crime to investigate.


The Oxfordshire Police welcome a new Chief Superintendent and spirits are high. That is until he and Lewis conflict about the latter’s way of going about his job. Lewis has a rather traditional/old school way of doing things and that does not seem to be appreciated. Another fly lands in the ointment when forensic pathologist Laura Hobson (played by Clare Holman) considers early retirement. This coupled with the pressure put on him by his new boss has Lewis contemplating the same.


Series 8, which contains three episodes – One for Sorrow, Magnum Opus and What Lies Tangled – all involve bodies and cases that are tricky to near impossible. All are wonderfully entertaining in their details, twists, head scratchers and witty repartee. British crime series are always worth your time. The sets/landscapes/architecture are great to look at while the characters realistic.