McCord Museum: Summer Holidays!

mccord museum summer holidays2In an effort to bring to as many people as possible the photo collection amassed by the McCord Museum they have brought it to the streets.  Literally!  Throughout summer right in the heart of downtown on McGill College Avenue they have put together a photo exhibition entitled Summer Holidays!  Co-presented by BMO and Astral Media, the exhibition features photos taken during vacations from the years 1900 to about 1940.


During this point the portable personal camera came into existence and became affordable for the average person to own.  As such the documentation of the typical life became easier.  As such people began documenting their vacations.  Pictures taken at places like the countryside, while fishing or having picnics began to occur.  More rural areas of the province showed up in the background as a result.


All the photographs are by amateur photographers.  There are 24 pictures displayed on McGill College.


Additional Information:

-Dates:  June 1 – October 16, 2016

-Venue:  McGill College Avenue


-Admission:  Free