narcos season onePablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura) is a name that most people would recognize. The Colombian drug lord was incredibly powerful and grabbed plenty of headlines. His Medellin Cartel captured the attention of American authorities. What ensued was literally a war between war enforcement and the potent drug cartel. The result is a great television series that earned a couple of Golden Globe nominations.  Netflix, the platform behind the series, is seriously becoming a force to be reckoned with.


Performances are all note perfect while the action will have your heart pounding in your chest.  As one might suspect a series about high level drug dealing involves plenty of suspenseful moments and a high tempo.


They say that the truth is often stranger than fiction and this show is an example of just that. Amazing things that you would have never thought possible happen here and it is based on real life events. The fact that the entire story happens within Columbia gives it a totally authentic feel and that is amplified by the high production values on the show.


Escobar and the people he is working with realize that their country is going down the tubes. Instead of just sitting idly by they decide to do something about it. They are not going down with the ship. There is money to be made. Just not in a legal way.


The authorities in the United States begin to realize, a little too late, what is happening and that it is affecting them. They react but are behind causing them to have to play catch up. By this time Pablo Escobar, now known as the King of Cocaine, is the top dog in the drug world with a ton of power and influence. Not willing to settle for second best this incredibly driven and ruthless man will try to achieve his goals by any means possible.


Given to you in part acting and part narration, this series is addictive like the drug that Escobar is peddling. Totally bingeworthy and will have you wanting more and more.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-“Establishing the Route” Featurette

-“The Colombian Connection” Featurette

-“The Language Barrier” Featurette

-Deleted Scenes

-Audio Commentary with Cast & Crew on Select Episodes