The pairing of costumed metal band Kiss and Las Vegas seems like it is a match made in heaven. Each revels in its over the topness. Recording in 2014 this live show proves that assumption to be correct.


kiss rocks vegas nevadaMany a music star has taken up residency in Las Vegas to do multiple numbers of high production shows. Kiss did it for a short run in 2014. As far as the technical aspects of the show went, as you might expect, it was big and flashy. Pyrotechnics abounded. There was even some fire. Kiss used the opportunity and did not disappoint.


Despite the fact that they are no longer youngins’ band members still put plenty of energy into a Kiss show. The visuals and sound are fantastic.


Set list:

Detroit Rock City

Creatures of the Night

Psycho Circus


War Machine

Tears are Falling


Lick It Up

I Love It Loud

Hell or Hallelujah

God of Thunder

Do You Love Me

Love Gun

Black Diamond

Shout It Out Loud

Rock and Roll All Nite


Special Features:

-CD of All Tracks on Blu-ray

-Kiss Acoustic