Le Burger Week 2016

le burger week 2016Food is an important part of Montreal’s charm.  We have tons of variety and great restaurants to try out.  Le Burger Week is seven days each year in which we celebrate the burger.  Now, you might be thinking that is boring.  How many different ways can they make a burger?  Well, this week will demonstrate that the possibilities are endless.


Fine, if we are to accept that then what is it all about is probably your next question.  The answer is that a bunch of restaurants throughout the city get together and present one burger that they have developed that they think is worthy of special attention.  Select one, a few or a many as your stomach can take over the next week and go see what there is.  It is here you will see the possibilities.  Different types of meats, toppings, breads, condiments, veggies, sauces, etc. will be combined to delight your senses.  Dive in!


Here are just a few of the restaurants that are participating:  Art:Brgr, Baton Rouge, Burger Bar Crescent, Burger Royal, Dirty Dogs, Deville Diner, Copper Branch, Frite Alors Rachel, Griffintown Café, La Coupole, Les Enfants Terribles, Lola Rosa, Mackibbin’s Irish Pub, Mister Steer, O’boeuf, Bishop & Bagg Pub, Burgundy Lion Pub, Reuben’s, and Thursday’s. There are plenty more and there will be some near you.


Additional Information:

-Dates:  September 1-7, 2016

-Website:  www.montrealburgerweek.com

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