Despite the fact that this show has been on the air for six seasons and is totally addictive I don’t know anyone who watches it. That should be changed. Immediately. If you haven’t been following Shameless what are you waiting for?


Season six follows the continuing saga of the very colourful Gallagher family. You won’t believe everything they do or get involved in. It is as funny as dysfunctional can be. Somehow they continue on with life as it is. Just a sampling of what happens includes abortions, baby daddy issues, pregnant teenagers, refugees, murder and, of course, drugs and alcohol. Sounds like a fun time and watch, no?


shameless the complete sixth seasonBackground on the family is as such: Dad (played by William H. Macy) is an alcoholic. Mom skipped out long ago. It is up to the eldest child Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum) to try and keep the family together and somewhat functional. Easier said than done. Brother Philip (played by Jeremy Allan White) tutors the neighbourhood teenage girls in physic. Sounds legit, right? Nope, as he takes his payment in sex. Another brother, Ian (played by Cameron Monaghan), is gay. Sister Debbie (played by Emma Kenney) is collecting money for UNICEF which sounds great until you find out she is stealing it. Ten-year-old Carl (played by Ethan Cutosky) is well on his way to becoming a sociopath who likes to set fires. And finally, Liam (played by Brenden Sims) is black…and nobody can explain that.


Special Features

-Shameless Pool (featurette)

-Shamelessly V (featurette)

-Deleted Scenes

-Digital Copy