James Dalton (Patrick Swayze – Dirty Dancing, Donnie Darko) is the best bouncer in the business, well second best behind his mentor and only real friend Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott – The Big Lebowski, Hulk), and his arrival in the small town of Jasper really shakes things up. Hired as head bouncer by the struggling owner of the Double Deuce, a very seedy and very violent bar, Dalton must bring order to the chaos that surrounds him.

Hardened by his profession, Dalton has become accustomed to living a solitary life, but one night in the emergency room he meets Dr. Elizabeth Clay (Kelly Lynch – Drugstore Cowboy, TV’s The L Word) and he can no longer deny his needs…for love and companionship, of course. His actions at the bar, and his newfound relationship, have caught the attention of Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara – The Big Lebowski, Dogville), a ruthless man with a stronghold on the town. Dalton soon discovers that it is not only the patrons of the Double Deuce that want to see him dead.

road house collectors edition“Road House” is a classic film, ok, ok so it’s a cult classic, but despite its obvious mediocrity, it is probably one of the most watched movies from the ’80s. Television has been credited as keeping this film in the public eye long enough to make it a veritable staple, but hey that’s how “It’s a Wonderful Life” gained its status! The film is surprisingly graphic in its depiction of violence and sexuality, and perhaps this is part of the appeal. The DVD re-release of the 1989 film includes a priceless commentary by director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Clerks 2) and his film production partner Scott Mosier. After mentioning “Road House” during the commentary of one of their own films, they were approached about doing this one and, bizarrely, accepted. You can re-watch the film immediately just to hear these two talk about it. You can tell they aren’t really fans of the film, but they have done their research and rank amongst the most entertaining commentary I have ever sat through. For this reason alone I recommend getting your hands on a copy of “Road House.”

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary by director Rowdy Herrington
  • Audio Commentary by Road House fans Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
  • The Making of Road House – interviews with director Rowdy Herrington, actors Kelly Lynch, John Doe, Kevin Tighe, Julie Michaels, Red West, Lisa Niemi Swayze, casting director Jackie Burch, director of photography Dean Cundey, editor Frank Urioste and more
  • Remembering Patrick – interviews with Lisa Niemi Swayze, Rowdy Herrington, Terry Funk, Kelly Lynch, Marshall R. Teague and more
  • A Conversation with director Rowdy Herrington
  • Pain Don’t Hurt: The Stunts of Road House interviews with second unit director/stunt coordinator Charlie Picerni, Rowdy Herrington, John Doe, Kelly Lynch and more
  • The Music of Road House – interviews with director Rowdy Herrington, John Doe, Red West and more
  • What Would Dalton Do?
  • On the Road House with Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Rowdy Herrington, Marshall Teague, Benny Urquidez
  • Vintage interviews with Patrick Swayze, Ben Gazzara, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliot, Benny Urquidez and Rowdy Herrington
  • On the Set: Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Vintage Profile on Patrick Swayze
  • Theatrical Trailer