Snoopy, Come Home – Blu-ray Edition

Very few films, animated or otherwise, from the Seventies have managed to survive the test of time as well as the Peanuts ones have. There is something about Charlie Brown and his beagle Snoopy that has connected with young and old for decades now. We are more than four decades on from the film’s original release date in 1972 and Snoopy, Come Home is still relevant.


snoopy-come-homePart of the reason that its appeal has remained is due to the simple and touching storytelling. It is at its heart the story of a boy and his dog. Love, loss and life in general are touched upon. There is some brilliant storytelling in that it uses very little dialogue to say plenty. There is not a ton of dialogue in the eighty minute film though it manages to get a lot across. Despite the heavier content it never allows things to become too dark with timely injections of humour.


Snoopy is on another adventure and this time it is on his own without his boy, Charlie Brown (voiced by Chad Webber). He is off to a hospital to visit his original owner, a young girl who has been admitted there. Comfort from her former pet is exactly what the doctor has ordered.


Tension has grown between Charlie Brown and Snoopy. It seems like Charlie Brown is always upset with the dog for one reason or another. When a letter comes for Snoopy it is the last straw for the young boy who never gets anything in the mail himself. The letter is from Snoopy’s former owner Lila (voiced by Johanna Baer). Lila is sick and has been hospitalized. She would really like a visit from her former pet. Snoopy and Woodstock head off to comfort the young girl. While he is gone Charlie Brown realizes how much he loves his dog when he really misses him. Snoopy is also struggling. Struggling with the decision of where he will make his home after all is said and done.


The trip involves some adventure that will remind some out there of other animals on a voyage films.  It also is warm and funny. The important lesson of yes owning a pet is sometimes aggravating due to the work involved, but the companionship and love between owner and pet outweighs all that.

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