jack-white-acousticOver his twenty plus year career there has been many varieties and versions of Jack White. As a solo artist, member of a duo and member of a proper band the common thread is the high quality. It is a massive collection of twenty-seven songs and they are all done acoustically. The genre variety is wide spanning blues, country, classic rock and gospel. Despite the fact that they are unplugged the energy is still high and will have you tapping your feet. Most of the songs will be recognizable to fans of the man as they were on previous albums while a few others are b-sides or unreleased tracks. Of particular interest to White Stripes fans is an unreleased track called “City Lights” will probably have you longing for those good old days. Of the other known entity songs it is interesting to hear them in their raw form before production, arrangement and electricity got put into the pot. In the raw form you really get to hear the man’s talent and passion for music of all sorts.