bastille-wild-worldWith their debut album this British export captured the pop charts with their modern sounding and highly catchy pop music. On this their second go around they are back with more music that sticks with you. It is slightly different sounding but still radio friendly and made for huge audiences to sing along to in a live setting. A nice mix of smooth pop and energetic rock. It is one of those rare albums in which every song is good and worth listening to. Don’t skip over any track. The highlight of most Bastille songs is Dan Smith’s voice. No different here. That unique tone is still great to listen to and the music arrangements around it just accentuates that. Listen to “Two Evils” and “Winter of Our Youth” for confirmation. Especially comes through on the more stripped down tracks. Those end up being the best songs on the album, actually. But they have maintained their electronic or EDM tendencies as well.